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We have plenty of time... A common portrait objection

Often when you hire a photographer it’s for a specific event. An event with a date on the calendar or a very small window of time. Weddings, birthdays, newborns, all of these have a very specific duration of time for photos to be captured. When it comes to photographing our pets we often think, “I’ll book that next week or next month”. Then the next thing you know our best friend’s muzzle is grey, they are moving more slowly, or worse. Sometimes we don’t even think about capturing our pup until they we have received the worst news from the vet.

When our dogs are puppies their spirit is wild, they may not have their sit-stay commands down pat, but images will capture that moment in time when they were our cute little furballs of naughtiness. When our pups are a few years old they are more relaxed and willing to sit still. They can give a look that is either stoic and commanding or all tongue. Our senior dogs might have a hard time getting around or jumping up like they used to, but they usually are calm and peaceful and just want to be adored. All of these stages of a dog's life blend seamlessly from one to the other without much thought. Our dogs are with us for such a short time and before you know it they’ve gone over the rainbow bridge. This sudden realization of our best friend’s mortality is only one of the reasons portraits are so important. Seeing your dog healthy and happy and looking lovingly at you through portrait wall art will forever bring a cozy feeling to your heart.

We commemorate our children throughout their lives and fill our home with portraits of the 2-legged family members. Our dogs should be given the same honor.

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