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My dog can't be off leash... A common portrait objection

Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be to have a photo gallery of your dog on your living room wall? What’s holding you back? I hear a lot of people say, “My dog is crazy, they can’t be off leash, they don’t have a good sit stay.” What if I told you that shouldn't hold you back. A lot of the dogs that either come to the studio or are photographed out and about are

actually on a leash. Here in the studio it is more of a controlled environment, so the dogs can be off leash and explore a bit, get their smells and start to feel comfortable. But many of the dogs are still excited and even confused. When we photograph dogs at the lavender or sunflower fields, they all have to be on leases. Then we work a little editing magic and remove the leash, the owner's hand, and even the eye boogers. And just like that you have a beautiful portrait of your dogo, giving their stoic Blue Steel gaze or their derpy silly face, either way, your dog not being able to sit and stay on command shouldn't be a deterrent from gorgeous portraits.



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