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Lilly & Roscoe - Tails and Toes: Bulldogs Completing a Family

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

When we decide to bring a dog into our home and make it a part of the family, some of us look to breeders that are just the right fit. Others open our hearts to a dog that is in need of a forever home. Maria and Justin did things a little differently. They met a dog, from a breeder’s litter that others didn’t seem to want. Little did they know it would forever change their family.

Three years ago, Maria’s brother, Leroy, who breeds American Bulldogs, had a litter of pups. Lilly was the last one left. It is not uncommon for there to be a runt or the last one chosen. Was it because of her crooked tail that corkscrewed like a pigtail? No one is sure why Lilly was last. When Leroy had to travel out of town, Lilly was in need of someone to care for her. That’s when Maria and Justin stepped in and offered to take Lilly in. Under the guise of training her for just a little while, Maria knew this would be her forever dog.

A year later, and another litter later, Roscoe was the last one left. This time the reason was a bit more obvious. Roscoe was born without a complete front right paw. It was like the toes just weren’t there. Purebred dogs are a sizable investment and it’s not unreasonable for someone to hesitate to invest a few thousand dollars when they view the dog as imperfect. Bulldogs are a notoriously high maintenance breed and can be prone to health problems, which is one reason they can be so expensive. Leroy considered reducing Roscoe’s price to compensate for his small deformity, but Maria didn’t want this sweetheart of a pup to be devalued so she decided she would take him home instead.

Maria and Justin were never really worried about his paw, they knew he would learn to adapt in his own way. When they began taking him for walks he would walk alongside on the grass, for some extra cushion and avoid putting all of his weight on that leg, but other than that he keeps up with the big dogs.

Roscoe and Lilly have become best friends as if they knew they were cousins. While Roscoe is younger, he plays the role of Lilly’s big brother and always is protective of her, and when she isn’t around he is anxious for her return. These two tanks have no sense of boundaries, and along with their three small humans run circles through the house, taking out everything in their path.

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